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Flights canceled: Massive strike at airports in Germany

Flights canceled: Massive strike at airports in Germany Strike at the Berlin airport (
Author: Maria Kholina

A strike by ground staff at six airports in Germany has commenced, potentially leading to the cancellation of hundreds of flights. On March 15, employees from other German airports will join the strike as well. About 90,000 passengers will be affected by the rescheduling of their flights, according to DW.

On March 14, ground service staff halted operations at airports in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Munich, and Cologne. On March 15, workers from airports in Dresden, Hanover, Leipzig, Dortmund, and Weeze will also participate in the strike.

Reports indicate that in Berlin, Hamburg, and Stuttgart, passenger controllers, personnel screening staff, cargo controllers, and service workers are striking. In Munich, cargo, goods, and personnel controllers have ceased work, while in Karlsruhe and Cologne, only passenger controllers are affected.

Passengers have been informed via the websites of Berlin, Stuttgart, and Hamburg airports about the impossibility of any passenger flights. In Cologne, most flights have been canceled, and in Karlsruhe, all departures have been either canceled or redirected.

According to estimates from the Airport Association ADV, over 580 flights could be canceled, affecting 90,000 passengers who will have to reschedule their trips.

The strike is organized by the Ver.di union, which is demanding a 12.5% wage increase for 25,000 ground staff workers at the Lufthansa aviation group.

Recently, flight attendants at Lufthansa went on strike, leading to the cancellation of flights at Frankfurt and Munich airports.

Last week, locomotive engineers at Deutsche Bahn and ground workers at Lufthansa also went on strike in Germany.