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Five dirtiest items in kitchen everyone forgets to clean

Five dirtiest items in kitchen everyone forgets to clean Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time preparing food. This area requires thorough cleaning, but there are things that are often forgotten, reports Express.

Things in the kitchen we often forget to clean

Toaster crumb

Cleaning expert Deyan Dimitrov advises checking if the toaster needs cleaning by looking at the bread slots. Unplug it first, remove the crumb tray, and dispose of the crumbs in the sink or a trash bin. Use a dry toothbrush to clear the bread slots of larger crumbs, then wash with dish soap to remove sticky spots.

Oven mitts

Even if they seem clean on the outside, oven mitts can harbor microbes in their crevices. Wash them weekly, following care labels, especially if they're made of silicone. Pre-soaking in a solution of dish soap and baking soda might be beneficial.

Wooden utensils

Wooden utensils can harbor bacteria in their cracks, especially if they've been in contact with raw meat. To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, soaking them regularly in a hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended.


Washing aprons after each use prevents dirt buildup. Soaking them in a solution of water with laundry detergent and vinegar before washing at a high temperature helps. Ensure they dry in a well-ventilated area to prevent musty odors.


Food reheated or cooked in a microwave often splatters, leaving a mix of oils and sauces on its inner walls if the dish or plate isn't covered. It's essential to thoroughly clean the microwave both inside and out weekly since a quick wipe with a cloth might not effectively remove all the dirt.

To thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave, place a tablespoon of vinegar and 250 ml of water in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for two minutes until the water boils and the microwave window steams up.

Allow the microwave to cool completely (approximately 10 minutes), then wipe all the interior walls with a standard surface cleaning agent and a damp cloth. Any stubborn marks or stains should come off easily.

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