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First ship carrying humanitarian aid unloaded in Gaza Strip

First ship carrying humanitarian aid unloaded in Gaza Strip Illustrative photo: the first ship with humanitarian aid was unloaded in the Gaza Strip (GettyImages)

The first ship carrying humanitarian aid has docked in the Gaza Strip, reports Politico.

The first ship delivering aid to the devastated Gaza Strip has been fully unloaded, delivering 200 tons of food, water, and supplies to the starving enclave and opening a maritime humanitarian corridor from Cyprus.

A video posted online shows a crane unloading crates from the barge onto trucks at the specially constructed dock.

"This was a test," wrote José Andrés, founder of WCK. "We could bring thousands of tons a week."

"We want to increase the volume of humanitarian aid transfer, so we are talking to several states," said Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides to journalists late Friday.

According to the United Nations, a dozen trucks will deliver the first supplies to the northern part of Gaza, where the number of children suffering from acute malnutrition has doubled in the past month.

Assistance to the Gaza Strip

Previously, we reported that the EU intends to open a maritime corridor for humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza on Sunday.

We also reported that the US would construct a port in Gaza for delivering humanitarian aid.