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Fire broke out at chemical plant in Russia

Fire broke out at chemical plant in Russia In the Russian city of Kirovsk, a fire broke out at a chemical plant (photo: mchs_official)

In the Russian city of Kirovsk, Murmansk region, a fire broke out today, July 9, at a chemical plant. The area of the fire incident covered approximately 1500 square meters on the site, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Russian emergency services reported that the fire occurred at a height of 56 meters.

"The roof of the warehouse containing apatite-nepheline concentrate is burning," the ministry statement said.

It was also noted that 46 specialists and 14 pieces of equipment were involved at the scene.

"The open flames have already been extinguished over an area of 1500 square meters," the Emergencies Ministry reported at 05:09 and clarified half an hour later that firefighters had completely extinguished the fire at the industrial plant.

The ministry added that there were no casualties or injuries as a result of the fire.

Although the Ministry of Emergency Situations did not specify the name of the burning enterprise in its statement, judging from the images released by the department, it appears to be the Kirovsk branch of the mining and beneficiation complex of JSC Apatit.

According to open sources, the plant is involved in the production of phosphate raw materials. The enterprise plays a significant role in the economy of Kirovsk and Apatity.