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Finland to dissolve MFA's department for Russia affairs

Finland to dissolve MFA's department for Russia affairs Photo: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland decided to liquidate the department that was responsible for Russia (

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland announced, as part of the reform, its decision to liquidate the department responsible for Russia.

The reform started based on Prime Minister Petteri Orpo's government program in the fall of 2023.

During the reform, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will move to a single management group under the leadership of ministers.

Cooperation with Ukraine

In the future, Finland's foreign ministry plans to have three regional divisions: the Euro-Atlantic, the Asia and Oceania, and the Africa, Middle East, and Latin America divisions.

According to the statement, the new structure of the regional departments better reflects the current situation and brings, among other things, all NATO member countries and countries in the EU's immediate circle under the responsibility of the same department.

It is also noted that the change takes into account Ukraine's strengthening EU direction.

Department of Russia to be absorbed by another department

The starting point for the reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the changes that have taken place in Finland's foreign and security policy. The sharp deterioration of the international operating environment and geopolitical problems require Finland to exercise strong foreign policy influence.

At the same time, membership in NATO opens a new opportunity for strengthening relations with partner countries.

"Russia is moving to the Asia and Oceania section. Resources and investments are focused on countries that are strategically important for Finland," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

Finland and its relations with Russia

Recently, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin attacked Finland with threats because of the country's accession to NATO. He claimed that the Russian Federation would send troops to the Finnish border.

The government of Finland is preparing to ban the import of Russian liquefied gas into the country from next year. Helsinki does not plan to wait until it falls under appropriate sanctions from the European Union.

Also, the Finnish government did not approve three agreements with the Russians regarding the sale of real estate in the eastern part of the country. Two decisions concern real estate in Sotkamo and one more - in Ilomantsi.