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Finland's security police calls Russia biggest threat to national security

Finland's security police calls Russia biggest threat to national security Finland's intelligence service called Russia the most serious threat to national security (pixabay com)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Russian Federation poses the most serious threat to Finland's national security, resorting to espionage and hybrid influence, according to Finland's security police.

While the operational capabilities of Russian intelligence services have weakened, the threat of Russian espionage and influence attempts remains high.

Finnish security police are confident that Finland's NATO membership has had a positive impact on the situation. They also reminded that Russia has expressed dissatisfaction with Finland's altered foreign and security policies.

Teemu Turunen, acting head of the security police, remarked that managed migration remains an easy way for Russia to keep Finland under pressure.

Russian speaking population in Finland

The security service clarified that the local Russian-speaking population does not pose a significant threat to the country's security.

Special researcher Petteri Lalu emphasized that Russian speakers residing in Finland are generally extremely heterogeneous.

"These people do not form a single community and do not organize into any influential movement in Finland, as we believe. Many have very different interests regarding Russia. Some undoubtedly support Russia's policies, but the majority do not most likely," Lalu added.

Russian spies in European countries

It became known in January that a court in Rome sentenced an officer of the Italian Navy to 20 years in prison on suspicion of espionage for Russia.

In February, a Ministry of Interior employee was detained in Bulgaria on suspicion of spying for Russia.

And recently, the Financial Times reported that Russia is actively reviving its espionage war with the West. Moscow publishing negotiations between German officers regarding the shipment of cruise missiles to Ukraine is just one of the latest examples.