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Finland provides combat boats to Ukraine, Yle

Finland provides combat boats to Ukraine, Yle Finland provides Ukraine with combat boats (
Author: Daria Shekina

Finland will send combat boats to Ukraine as military aid. The exact quantity is currently unknown, according to Yle.

As reported by Yle, information about Finland donating combat boats to Ukraine was revealed by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, during his address to the parliament of his country. According to him, Helsinki approached him with a request for transit of such equipment through the territory of Romania to Ukraine.

Iohannis also mentioned that he approved the training of approximately 50 Ukrainian defenders on Finnish boats in Romania.

Journalists specify that the Finnish Navy currently includes landing ships of the Jehu class and transport ships of the Jurmo and Uisko classes.

What is known about such boats

The main tasks of the mentioned boats are landing and transport operations for the Finnish Border Guard in any weather conditions. For example, Uisko-class ships can carry 22 people.

The boats have high maneuverability and can navigate in shallow waters.

Boats for Ukraine

Western countries have repeatedly transferred their combat boats to Ukraine.

In particular, Sweden recently announced a new package of military aid, which includes 10 combat boats and 20 group boats.

Also, in early March, the Netherlands promised to provide Ukrainian defenders with 8 militarized river patrol boats and the CB90 assault boat.