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Finland plans to build factory for production of explosives

Finland plans to build factory for production of explosives Antti Häkkänen, Minister of Defense of Finland (photo: Getty Images)

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen has announced the country's intention to quickly build a factory for the production of explosives in TNT equivalent. The initiative is related to the significant demand for this substance in Europe due to Russia's war against Ukraine, according to Yle.

"Significantly more explosives production is needed. Therefore, we must also seriously consider the role of the domestic industry in this," the Finnish minister told journalists.

It is noted that discussions about the TNT plant are being held with businesses, private investors, and the defense industry market.

"Market players know that there is demand for such products. In any case, the state has a strong supervisory role in this matter," Häkkänen said.

Demand for TNT explosives in Europe due to the war in Ukraine

TNT is a traditional explosive used especially in the production of artillery and mortar shells. Its mass production is significantly cheaper than new explosives.

Finnish media points out that the availability of TNT in Europe is considered almost critical against the backdrop of ongoing large-scale military aggression by Russia against Ukraine, which has been ongoing for the third year.

The only plant in the European Union is located in Poland, but its production is insufficient to meet the high demand.

Implementation of the project in cooperation with other countries

According to Häkkänen, Finland has informed its allies about the importance of quick decisions on this issue. As Russia is prepared for a prolonged war with Ukraine, the need for TNT explosives in Europe remains high.

"Decisions must be made now so that production can be launched within a year or two," said the Finnish Defense Minister.

Häkkänen also emphasized that this is a project of cooperation with other allied countries. It will be decided in close dialogue with the northern states and partners.

The Finnish minister added that the decision on where the plant will be built has not yet been made, and the relevant conclusions must be made during the spring.

Finland invests in its ammunition production

In March, Finland received full funding of 32.5 million euros from the European Union for the production of ammunition. This was preceded by funding of around 24 million euros for domestic production, provided by the country's Ministry of Defense in December of last year.

The Vihtavuori powder plant, which is part of the Nammo group, is currently significantly expanding its operations.