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Finland extends border closure with Russia for another month

Finland extends border closure with Russia for another month Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

The Finnish government has decided to extend the closure of its borders with Russia for another month, with the borders expected to remain closed until February 11, according to Finland's Minister of the Interior, Mari Rantanen.

Rantanen emphasized that national security is the top priority for Finland, explaining the decision to extend the border closure.

She added that the reasons for closing the border remain unchanged, and there are no anticipated changes in the situation.

Closure of Finland's border with Russia

On November 30, the Finnish government decided to close all border crossing points with Russia. This decision was made in response to a significant number of illegal migrants attempting to enter Finland from Russian territory.

As previously stated by Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, the government is closely monitoring the situation at the border and may extend the closure if necessary.

On December 13, the government reviewed its decision and resumed the operation of two border crossing points. However, within a few days, the border had to be closed again entirely due to a new wave of migrants.

On January 9, media reports suggested that Finland might extend the closure of its border with Russia.