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Fashionable pajama-style clothes for the spring-summer 2024

Fashionable pajama-style clothes for the spring-summer 2024 How to choose pajama-style clothes (photo: Freepik)

Pajama-style clothes have become very popular among women in recent years. After all, it's about comfort. But there are also a lot of them and you should learn how to choose, according to Pocket Stylist Telegram channel.

How to choose things in pajama style

Lighter clothes are already starting to appear in stores, and the question arises: “What should I buy for the warm season that is stylish, interesting, and functional?”

A universal choice for a warm-weather set is a suit made of lightweight fabric that looks like pajamas or a loose-fitting suit without clear lines and shapes.

Today we are going to look at styling options and show you how you can transform this beautiful set to suit different circumstances of a beautiful, everyday life.

Як вибирати модні речі у піжамному стилі на теплий сезон 2024 року

Styling a pajama-style suit (photo: Pinterest)

You can often hear women say that such suits look more appropriate in relaxed casual looks or they are intended for leisure or only to be worn at home.

But a suit that looks like light homewear can also be organically added to a capsule for everyday outings.

The first look with this suit is to style it for more business or important meetings, certainly not for meetings with a serious business dress code.

All you need for this look

A jacket is responsible for presentability, seriousness, and structure in the image, thanks to the rigid shoulder line and rather dense fabric of the item.

The suit in this set is responsible for lightness, airiness, and mood, which are harmoniously combined with all the moments of the image.

High-heeled shoes add charisma. You can also add an animal print.

If you need to reduce the degree of extravagance in your look a little, you can easily do this by replacing things in animal print with more basic colors and your outfit will immediately become more classic and calm.

How to wear pajama-style suits (photo: Pinterest)
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