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Famous trainer explains chewing gum's weight loss myth

Famous trainer explains chewing gum's weight loss myth Does chewing gum help you lose weight (photo: Freepik)

People striving to lose weight often suppress hunger by chewing gum. They seem to trick the body because they chew but don't consume calories.

Whether chewing gum can aid in weight loss is discussed by coach Viktor Mandziak on Instagram.

Does chewing gum help with weight loss?

"Chewing gum is a good thing, but it needs to be used correctly. If you chew it after meals, it's good because it cleanses the oral cavity. But compulsively chewing it to somehow suppress hunger is not necessary," explains the coach.

He adds that there's no need to fear the feeling of hunger that arises closer to the next meal. This feeling should increase, but you don't have to endure it or suffer from it.

"If you accept reality as it is and learn to endure unpleasant emotions, cravings, desires, you will move to another level. So, don't be afraid of hunger because it actually shows that right now fats are being broken down in your body, which is precisely your goal," says Mandziak.

The coach also emphasizes that when a person gets hungry, the food will taste better.

Does taping help with weight loss?

Sometimes, advertisements on the internet promote taping for weight loss. These strips are applied to the body and supposedly help to reshape the figure and promote weight loss.

"In reality, taping doesn't help with anything. It doesn't reduce painful sensations, doesn't help with injuries, and certainly doesn't help with weight loss. The fat in your body is energy reserves, and these reserves can only be used for the body's needs. So, you need to increase energy expenditure by the body and reduce the calorie intake - there's no other way to lose weight," says Mandziak.

Therefore, to achieve effective weight loss, a calorie deficit needs to be created.

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