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Famous Rouen cathedral in France catches fire

Famous Rouen cathedral in France catches fire Photo: Rouen Cathedral (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A fire broke out in the famous Rouen cathedral in France. The fire occurred on one of the spires of the Gothic cathedral, according to Le Figaro.

According to initial information from the French Ministry of Culture, the fire was caused by mishandling at the site of the restoration of the cathedral's metal spire. Pending further information, initial reports indicated that scaffolding, mainly protective tarpaulins, had caught fire.

The mayor of the city, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, says that the fire on the spire of the Rouen Cathedral continues.

"The fire on the spire of Rouen Cathedral continues. The origin is currently unknown," Mayer-Rossignol writes.

According to the Seine-Maritime prefecture, the fire broke out at the top of the spire, which is made of metal rather than wood and is currently undergoing restoration work. Government officials do not know whether the wooden frame was damaged.

According to the prefecture, the cathedral was evacuated and a security perimeter was established.

Notre Dame de Rouen Cathedral, also known as Rouen Cathedral, is one of the most striking examples of flaming Gothic in France. The construction of the cathedral began in the 19th century and lasted more than 200 years.

In 1876-1880, it was the tallest building in the world (151 meters), but then lost this title to Cologne Cathedral. The cathedral has survived centuries of wars, revolutions, and natural disasters.

Rouen Cathedral is one of the most important architectural monuments in France. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral

On April 15, 2019, a fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral. The fire, which raged for almost a day, caused irreparable damage to the cathedral. In particular, the roof of the cathedral, including the famous 850-year-old spire, and part of the interior decoration, including stained glass windows and sculptures, were destroyed.

The fire also damaged the cathedral's stone vaults and organs.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. The French authorities suggest that the fire could have been caused by construction work that was underway in the cathedral at the time.

The opening of Notre Dame Cathedral is scheduled for December 8, 2024.