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Families with children forcibly evacuated from five towns in Donetsk region

Families with children forcibly evacuated from five towns in Donetsk region Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Five towns in the Donetsk region will undergo the forced evacuation of families with children, according to Vadym Filashkin, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration (RMA).

"At an extraordinary meeting of the regional commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergency Situations of the Donetsk region, a decision was made to conduct the forced evacuation of children with their parents or other legal guardians from the village of Drobysheve in the Lyman community, as well as the villages of Nova Poltavka, Novoolenivka, Oleksandropil, and Romanivka in the Illinivka community," Filashkin reported.

According to him, this decision has been submitted for approval to the military command authorities in the respective territories and the Coordination Headquarters for Mandatory Evacuation of the Population under Martial Law.

"Additionally, the commission meeting addressed the issue of enhancing evacuation measures from the Toretsk community. The enemy shells the community daily with all types of weapons, including aerial bombs and drones, making it extremely dangerous to remain here," added the head of the RMA.

Evacuation in Donetsk region

Yesterday, June 24, authorities planned to conduct a forced evacuation from the city of Toretsk in the Donetsk region. The reason is that Russian troops are very close to the city, and it is constantly under shelling.

Evacuations are also ongoing from other cities in the region that are close to the front lines.