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Explosions in Odesa: What is known about consequences of attack

Explosions in Odesa: What is known about consequences of attack Photo: Russia launched a ballistic missile attack on Odesa on April 29 (
Author: Daryna Vialko

On the evening of Monday, April 29, Russia attacked Odesa. Earlier, there was a warning of a missile attack.

The material uses data from the Air Force, the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration Oleh Kiper, Odesa Mayor Henadii Trukhanov, and the local newspaper Dumskaya.

At around 6:27 p.m., the Air Force warned of the threat of ballistic missiles from the south of Ukraine.

“Threat of ballistic weapons from the south in the areas where the alert has been announced! Do not ignore the air raid warning,” the Air Force wrote.

Later, Oleh Kiper also warned of the danger.

“Residents of Odesa and Odesa district, please stay in safe places until the all clear signal,” he wrote on Telegram.

As of 19:10, it was known that eight people were wounded as a result of the Russian attack. Damage to residential buildings and civilian infrastructure was also reported.

All relevant services are working at the scene.

At 6:45 p.m., local Odesa media began to report that a fire had been set in the Palace of Students of the Odesa Law Academy as a result of Russian shelling. It is known in Odesa as the Harry Potter Castle.

According to Kiper, two people and a dog were killed in the enemy attack.

In addition, eight people sustained injuries of various severity, including a 12-year-old boy. Doctors are providing all necessary assistance to the injured.

In Odesa, the number of people injured in a Russian missile attack has risen to 17.

According to Oleh Kiper, at least two of them are in serious condition.

“All necessary assistance is being provided to the wounded. Emergency services continue to work at the scene,” he said.

According to Trukhanov, the death toll from the missile strike on Odesa has risen to three - a woman born in 1983 died in a hospital.

Shelling of Odesa

The Russian Federation frequently attacks Odesa, and the port infrastructure is often targeted. This is due to the fact that Russia is trying to stop Ukraine from supplying grain to other countries.

A week ago, Russia launched Shahed drones at Odesa. As a result, houses were damaged and a fire broke out in the residential sector.