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Explosions in Donetsk: Occupational authorities claim casualties

Explosions in Donetsk: Occupational authorities claim casualties Explosions in Donetsk (photo: Getty Images)

Locals heard explosions in the temporarily occupied city of Donetsk. The occupying authorities claimed that the shelling came from Ukraine.

Military intelligence of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) reported that there were casualties during the attack.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a massive strike on Donetsk on New Year's Eve, there are dead in the city center," said representatives of the military services.

The so-called "head of the DNR" Denis Pushilin said that seven people were wounded in the shelling, Russian media reported. Later, according to local "military commanders," one journalist was reported dead.

Russian media reported that Ukrainian troops allegedly fired 15 MLRS missiles at the city.

"Ukrainian troops fired 15 missiles from multiple rocket launchers at Donetsk 10 minutes after the new year," the local "administration" said.

It also became known that the Donbas Palace Hotel was damaged as a result of the shelling.

Updated 01:18

According to the "head of the DNR" Pushilin, 4 people were dead and 13 were wounded as a result of the shelling.

Strikes in Donetsk

Earlier we reported that a fire broke out in one of the universities in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. Russian military could have been based there.

As a reminder, on December 15, information about a massive fire in the temporarily occupied Donetsk appeared online. Later it turned out that the strikes were recorded in the Budionivskyi district of the city. As a result, an oil depot caught fire.