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Loud explosions hit Crimea again on August 8

Loud explosions hit Crimea again on August 8 There were explosions in Crimea, namely, in Dzhankoi, and in Zhovtneve (Photo: Getty Images)

According to local Telegram channels, there were explosions in Crimea in several populated areas on Tuesday, August 8.

"A loud explosion was heard in Dzhankoi, and in Zhovtneve," the statement said.

Local authorities have already indicated that ammunition appears to have been destroyed.

"The sounds of explosions in Zhovtneve are attributed to ammunition disposal. The situation is under the control of special services," stated Oleg Kryuchkov, the so-called "advisor to the head of Crimea."

As specified by Telegram channel "Crimean Wind," explosions were also heard in Stary Krym.

Explosions in Crimea

Lately, explosions have been occurring frequently in Crimea. Notably, on July 26, there were reports of incidents in Krasnoperekopsk involving what were described as "explosions." Additionally, on the same day, there were alerts about gunfire and missile launches in Sevastopol and Balaklava. On July 25, explosions were also reported in the Chervonogvardiisk district of the temporarily occupied Crimea.