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Explosions heard in Morozovsk, Russia - Attack on airfield reported

Explosions heard in Morozovsk, Russia - Attack on airfield reported Explosions in Morozovsk, Russia, occurred on April 5 (photo: Getty Images)

In the city of Morozovsk in the Rostov region of Russia, a series of explosions occurred overnight on April 5. Eyewitnesses reported an attack on the local airfield, according to Telegram channel Shot.

It is noted that the first explosions began around midnight, possibly drones attempted to attack the local airfield. Eyewitnesses report that in addition to the characteristic sounds of drones flying and explosions, they also saw several bright flashes in the sky.

According to local public sources, some areas of the city are experiencing power supply issues.

Airfield in Morozovsk

The military airfield Morozovsk is located in the Rostov region of Russia, 3 km southwest of the city of Morozovsk. The 559th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment is based at the airfield. Frontline bombers Su-24, Su-24M, and Su-34 are stationed at the airfield.

After the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the airfield was repeatedly targeted by drones. For example, on May 25 last year, Russian air defense shot down an unknown object near the airfield. No one was injured as a result of the falling debris.

On December 17, the attack was repeated, and Russian air defense systems were activated over the airfield. The Russian military soon confirmed that at least one Su-34 aircraft was damaged during the attack.