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Expert predicts when Russia may attack Kupiansk and what it may lead to

Expert predicts when Russia may attack Kupiansk and what it may lead to Photo: Russian ffensive in the Kupiansk direction may intensify (Getty Images)

The offensive of the Russian Federation in the Kupyansk direction has weakened, but the occupiers may transfer additional forces from near Avdiivka and the pressure of the invaders may increase, says military expert Oleksiy Hetman.

Situation in Kupiansk direction

In the east, Russia is advancing from Kreminna. Last year, during intense fighting in the landings along the front line, small plots changed hands. Now the occupiers are starting to move forward again.

On the Swativ section, the pressure to the west is increasing in the area of ​​Terniv and Yampolivka. From Kreminna itself, the Russians are advancing in two directions - on Kupiansk and Lyman - having gathered a group of about 110,000 troops.

According to ISW, Russia transferred units from the border areas near Ivanivka (east of Kupiansk), as well as in the Lyman direction, and in recent days unsuccessfully tried to advance to the Kislivka-Kotlyarivka border from Tabaivka.

When can attack on Kupiansk intensify

Oleksiy Hetman notes that recently the enemy offensive in the Lymano-Kupiansk direction has weakened, and this was caused by the transfer of forces to Avdiivka. And after the troops turn back, attempts to advance to Kupiansk will intensify.

Five threats: Consequences of Ukrainian troops' withdrawal from Avdiivka and ability to resist Russian pressureScreenshot: Kupiansk (

"Their goal is to reach Kupiansk and Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi. They want to reach the Oskil River and try to cross it. But as the people fighting there say, there's no chance of crossing the Oskil because our western bank is fortified, there's a mountain ridge, and artillery is zeroed in on the positions," he said.

Situation at front

It seems that Russian troops have no intention of reducing the intensity of offensive operations after the capture of Avdiyivka. It's just that now the occupiers are becoming more active in a number of other directions, and the Western media are already writing about the most dangerous situation of the Armed Forces since the first months of the full-scale war.

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