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Ex-Israeli ambassador to Moscow includes Russia in terrorist 'axis of evil'

Ex-Israeli ambassador to Moscow includes Russia in terrorist 'axis of evil' Putin has taken his rightful place in the axis of evil (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Israel must be prepared for confrontation with the terrorist "axis of evil," which includes Iran, Russia, and Middle Eastern factions, according to former Israeli ambassador to Russia Arkady Mil-Man in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

"This axis of evil - Russia, Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Houthis, and other terrorist organizations - all of this ultimately could lead to a confrontation," he said.

According to Mil-Man, Israel has no desire to escalate the situation. "The fact that Russian propagandists sit and talk about how good it is that Iran is attacking Israel, and the fact that they are allowed to say such things... Well, someday the Russians will cross these lines. And they'll give Iranians the opportunity to supply weapons to Hezbollah, which will ultimately be aimed at Israel," Mil-Man said.

He emphasized the difficulty of understanding this situation within the Israeli establishment.

"So we need to be prepared for various scenarios, and if Russia crosses certain red lines, we'll have to act, there's no way out," added the former ambassador.

Ukrainian stance on Iran and Israel

According to a survey by the Razumkov Centre, as of early 2024, Ukrainians predominantly hold negative attitudes towards six countries in the world. Ukrainians have the worst opinion of Russia (-92.6%) and its allies Belarus (-79.5%), Iran (-72.3%), and China (-54.2%).

According to a KMIS survey, the majority of Ukrainians (69%) sympathize with Israel in the conflict that erupted after Hamas' attack and the military response by the Israeli Defense Forces. Only 1% sympathize with Palestine. Meanwhile, 18% of respondents stated that they sympathize equally with both sides, and another 12% were undecided.