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Series as advertising campaign: McDonald's releases fiction story about work at restaurant

Series as advertising campaign: McDonald's releases fiction story about work at restaurant McDonald's has released a series about working in their restaurants (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

McDonald's is one of the largest fast-food chains worldwide and also provides opportunities for young employees. Over a decade, the company produced a series about its working process, writes the Danish McDonald's.

Plot of the McDonald's series

The main character is a young woman who has just started working and is trying to balance her job, family life, leisure, and dreams of a happy future.

An encounter with a manager, who has a long career behind him, radically changes the young woman's perception of the future. Jonathan had always been confident in what he should be doing until Freja turned his world upside down. Meanwhile, Freja must come to terms with her feelings and her first job, which proves to be more challenging than she initially thought.

Overall, this series tells the story of getting your first job and how it changes you, your illusions, thoughts, perspectives on life, and your future. The story unfolds in six episodes, gradually revealing the lives of the main characters.

"Все змінюється": McDonald’s випустив серіал про роботу у своїх закладахA shot from the series 'Everything changes'

Another important detail is that before creating this series, the authors interviewed employees and learned the history of their journey in the company.

"With the series Everything Changes, we want to show that a job at McDonald's is more than "just" burgers and fries. We have a strong focus on developing our employees and annually train more than 1,100 employees on internal and external training and courses," comments Thomas Johansen, Head of Marketing Denmark, McDonald’s Denmark.

"With the series, we try to do away with the prejudices that unfortunately prevail about working at McDonald's. For some, the job is a good start to working life, while for others it is the start of a long career, and we want to show that," added Thomas.