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European fears amid Trump's re-election possibility: Insight from political scientist

European fears amid Trump's re-election possibility: Insight from political scientist Political scientist explained what Europe fears in the event of Donald Trump's re-election (Photo: Getty Images)

In Europe, there is fear that the United States under Donald Trump, if re-elected, will become an unreliable partner, which will certainly not add to the solidarity of the West. At the same time, Europe's fears may not materialize, and there are reasons for that, according to RBC-Ukraine's material "Ran into criticism. How Trump's statements prompting Europe to reconsider U.S. leadership in NATO."

"What are European countries afraid of? The U.S. under him will become an unreliable partner, and there will be no solidarity in the Western world. There are some contradictions now, sometimes even strategic ones, but in the West, there is unity in countering Russian aggression and assisting Ukraine. The experience of Trump's presidency has shown that he does not always act in the traditional European way, for example, when the U.S. takes the lead in NATO," said Ukrainian political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko in an interview with the agency.

Why might Europe's fears not materialize?

In any case, it is not obligatory if Trump is elected president, he will act as he says. However, it must be considered that if he harbors such thoughts, unfortunately, there will be certain risks, particularly for Europe.

On the other hand, U.S. policy under Trump will primarily depend on who will hold key positions in his team. Who will become Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Assistant for National Security, and so on.

"Of course, Trump will be able to present ideas and have the final say, but in matters where he is less competent, primarily international politics, he will listen to the advice of more qualified people. Will they be representatives of the old classical Republican school, focused on containing Russia by force? Or people with populist tendencies? God forbid if people like Tucker Carlson (former TV presenter who interviewed Putin last week) appear there. This will only strengthen chaos," added the political scientist.

U.S. elections

The presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for November 5, 2024. According to forecasts, the main candidate from the Democrats will be the current American leader, Joe Biden. Among Republicans, besides Donald Trump, former U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is favored.

In December, Trump was excluded from the ballot in the primaries in the state of Maine. In addition, the Supreme Court of Colorado also banned Trump from participating in the primaries in its territory. At the same time, Trump won the Republican Party's internal elections in Iowa.

More about the main themes of the U.S. elections can be found in the material of RBC-Ukraine.