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European Commission warns Poland over Ukrainian border blockade

European Commission warns Poland over Ukrainian border blockade Photo: European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean ( / European Parliament)

The European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, has deemed the situation with the blockade of border crossings by Polish carriers as "unacceptable", reports Reuters.

The representative of the European Commission criticized the response of the Polish authorities to the actions of the protesters.

"There is no good faith in finding a solution... and there is nearly a complete lack of involvement from Polish authorities... who are supposed to enforce the law at that border," said Vălean.

The European Commissioner emphasizes that Ukraine and the EU cannot be "hostages" to Polish long-haul drivers who block the border during their strike.

"While I support the people's right to protest, the entire EU, not to mention Ukraine, a country currently at war, cannot be taken hostage by blocking our external borders," she stated.

The official also added that the European Commission reserves the right to intervene and take measures against those who do not ensure compliance with rules and the enforcement of the law.

Earlier today, it was reported that EU transport ministers would discuss the blockade of the Ukraine-Poland border next week.

Strike by Polish carriers and border blockade with Ukraine

Recall that since November 6, the movement of freight transport at 4 border crossing points on the Ukrainian-Polish border has been complicated. The reason for the queues at the border is the strikes by Polish carriers.

Earlier, it was reported that participants in such protests on November 16 rejected the joint proposals of the European Commission, Ukraine, and Poland and refused to end the strike. Their main demand is a return to the permit system for our country.

On November 27, the Polish authorities appealed to Ukraine with a proposal to resolve the situation at the border. Warsaw, in particular, called on Kyiv to "urgently take measures to fulfill the requirements of Polish carriers, for which the Ukrainian side is responsible.