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European cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs

European cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Three European capitals have made it into the top ten cities where people are most satisfied with their jobs, according to a report by the European Commission.

At the same time, four cities in Germany made it to the top 10, citing

Where in Europe people are most satisfied with their jobs

According to a report on the quality of life in European cities published by the European Commission, people in cities from six countries are most satisfied with their jobs. Three capitals made it to the top ten - Berlin, Luxembourg, and Reykjavik.

The survey included employed residents of the cities. On average, 74% of Europeans surveyed said they are satisfied with their jobs.

The list of the top 10 cities is:

  • Rostock (Germany) - 85%;
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - 84%;
  • Reykjavik (Iceland) - 84%;
  • Geneva (Switzerland) - 83%;
  • Dortmund (Germany) - 83%;
  • Berlin (Germany) - 83%;
  • Zurich (Switzerland) - 82%;
  • Aalborg (Denmark) - 82%;
  • Malmo (Sweden) - 82%;
  • Hamburg (Germany) - 81%.

People are more satisfied with their jobs in big cities

Capitals and large cities often offer more opportunities for employment and better pay conditions. This ensures stability in residents' welfare and makes the job market more attractive for workers.

The highest levels of job satisfaction were reported by people in cities in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Czechia, and Slovakia. Cities in Greece, Italy, Hungary, and Spain scored lower.

The development of urban labor markets contributes to people finding jobs they enjoy. While residents of cities might be similarly satisfied with their jobs, the difference is noticeable compared to residents of rural regions.

In some cities, job satisfaction levels increase over the years - for example, in Nicosia (Cyprus) and Bologna (Italy), Antalya.

Високі зарплати та можливості. Де у Європі люди найбільше задоволені своєю роботою

Photo: Work in the office (

Fewer number of those satisfied with their working conditions and pay were reported in Valletta (Malta) and Kosice (Slovakia).

The lowest job satisfaction ratings were received in Heraklion (Greece) - 54%, Athens (56%), Skopje (North Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Podgorica (Montenegro).

Minimum wage in EU countries in 2024

In many European countries, the minimum wage increased in 2024. The level of pay is one of the factors that affects workers' job satisfaction.

As of January 1, 2024, 22 out of 27 EU countries had a minimum wage set, including Cyprus. EU countries without a minimum wage are: Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland, and Sweden.

According to Eurostat data, the minimum wage in the EU ranges from 477 euros in Bulgaria to 2571 euros in Luxembourg.

Countries with a minimum wage of over 1500 euros per month include:

  • Luxembourg (2571 euros);
  • Ireland (2146 euros);
  • Netherlands (2070 euros);
  • Germany (2054 euros);
  • Belgium (1994 euros);
  • France (1767 euros).

The lowest minimum wage is in Spain (1323 euros) and Slovenia (1254 euros).

Високі зарплати та можливості. Де у Європі люди найбільше задоволені своєю роботою

Photo: The lowest wages are in low-skilled jobs (

Minimum wages below 1000 euros are in the following countries: Cyprus (1000 euros), Poland (977 euros), Portugal (956 euros), Malta (925 euros), Lithuania (924 euros), Greece (910 euros), Croatia (840 euros), Estonia (820 euros), Czechia (764 euros), Slovakia (750 euros), Latvia (700 euros), Hungary (697 euros), Romania (663 euros), and Bulgaria (477 euros).