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EU may revoke visa-free travel for Georgia if foreign agents law passes - FT

EU may revoke visa-free travel for Georgia if foreign agents law passes - FT Photo: EU visa-free travel for Georgia may be canceled due to the law on foreign agents (flick com libereurope)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Four European Union countries propose to impose sanctions against Georgia if it adopts the scandalous law on foreign agents. In particular, they propose to cancel the visa-free regime for Georgia, the Financial Times reports.

According to the agency, Estonia, Czechia, the Netherlands, and Sweden propose to impose restrictions on Georgia, including, in particular, the abolition of visa-free travel. The countries also insist on freezing the allocation of funds from European funds and targeted sanctions.

These states want to discuss the initiative at a meeting of EU foreign ministers next week. The decision requires the consent of all 27 EU countries.

According to Financial Times, at least one country supports the Georgian government and even suggests that all EU countries adopt a similar measure, namely, Hungary.

Scandalous law on foreign agents

This is the second attempt to pass a law on foreign agents in Georgia. Russia has a similar document that restricts the work of the media, bloggers, and other platforms for disseminating information.

The Georgian parliament passed the bill although large-scale protests against the law were held in Tbilisi and other cities.

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili vetoed the law on foreign agents. The Georgian parliament may override the president's decision and finally approve the document.

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