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EU introduces new package of sanctions against Russia, no new import bans

EU introduces new package of sanctions against Russia, no new import bans The EU has presented a new package of sanctions against Russia (photo: Getty Images)

The European Union will not introduce new trade restrictions against Russia as part of the 13th package of sanctions that is being prepared, according to Reuters.

The European Commission will propose a sanctions package that it believes will not lead to disputes among member states and can be swiftly approved.

The sanctions package aims to be adopted by February 24, 2024 and requires unanimous approval from all EU members.

According to one diplomat, within this proposal, the list of Russian companies prohibited from selling dual-use goods to the EU will be expanded.

Some EU countries are demanding additional bans on the export of goods from Russia, such as aluminum.

As it became known, after the implementation of the 13th package of sanctions, the European Commission will promptly present the 14th package of measures, which is likely to contain new restrictions on imports.

In Brussels, it is believed that the list of goods on which EU countries can achieve consensus regarding sanctions is practically exhausted.

Currently, sanctions against Russian nuclear fuel and liquefied natural gas are not under consideration.

Sanctions against Russia

At the beginning of January 2024, the EU began preparing a new package of sanctions. The restrictions were discussed on January 18 at a meeting of ambassadors.

Journalist Rikard Jozwiak of Radio Free Europe referred to the sanctions package as the weakest.

In December, the European Union implemented a new, 12th package of sanctions against Russia.