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Estonian official on when frontline situation in Ukraine might change

Estonian official on when frontline situation in Ukraine might change General Martin Herem, head of the Estonian Defense Forces (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Some changes on the Ukrainian front may happen in the latter half of this year. However, for this to happen, Ukraine needs to receive new anti-aircraft defense systems and long-range weaponry, according to the head of the Estonian Defense Forces, General Martin Herem.

"There haven't been any significant changes on the front recently, and I don't think it's accurate to call the current situation a stalemate. Right now, it's a positional war where both sides are wearing each other down. Russia is willing to endure significant losses to make even the slightest progress, so the situation on the front is very tense," he said.

According to Herem, Ukrainian capabilities are still inferior to the Russians.

"It's estimated that Russia has invested three times more in this war than the combined support from the West, for instance. So in this regard, Ukraine has been successful because it continues to hold back the Russian advance," he said.

The Estonian general suggested that Russia could continue to advance on the front, gaining hundreds of meters, sometimes even kilometers, at the cost of enormous losses.

"If Ukraine receives funding for both anti-aircraft defense and long-range systems - and I believe this will happen in the first half of this year - then we may see some changes in the latter half of the year," he stressed.

Frontline situation

Ukrainian forces repelled 25 enemy attacks on the Avdiivka direction, held positions, and repulsed assaults by occupation forces on the Kherson direction. Ukrainian aviation struck two enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.

The report from the Institute for the Study of War states that over the past week, Russian forces have advanced to the west of Kreminna near Yampolivka and Terny. According to preliminary information, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have regained some positions near Solodke (southwest of Donetsk).

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the village of Lastochkyne in the Donetsk region.