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Estonian General names number of soldiers Russia to withdraw from Ukraine for attacking NATO

Estonian General names number of soldiers Russia to withdraw from Ukraine for attacking NATO Photo: Estonia assessed the threat of a Russian attack on NATO (flickr by Shane MacClure)

In the event of an attack on NATO, the Russians would need to withdraw approximately 300 thousand soldiers from Ukraine, says the commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Martin Herem.

According to him, at least four factors are needed for Russia to attack NATO.

"First, Russia would have to pull most of its troops out of Ukraine – 300,000 of its 400,000 troops there," he said.

Secondly, time for the recovery of the troops is also needed. According to Khemera's opinion, it will take about a year for this.

"Third, even after a year of recovery and pulling out of Ukraine, something earthshattering would need to happen in the world – a super pandemic, complete economic collapse, war in Taiwan or the Balkans – that is when we should be very attentive," - added the commander.

The fourth factor, as the officer noted, is that NATO countries need to prepare for possible threats.

What preceded

German tabloid Bild recently published the scenario of the German military exercises, during which the German armed forces are preparing for a hybrid attack by Russia on the eastern flank of NATO.

A NATO official commented on the material of the Bild and stated that the Alliance received a training scenario, which is always an imaginary situation to test military capabilities in a particular area.

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania also commented on the situation. They said that there is currently no threat of a Russian attack on NATO, because Moscow is focused on Ukraine.

To find out whether NATO is preparing for a Russian attack and what the leaked plans say, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Whether NATO is preparing for an attack by Russia and what the joint plans say - read in the material by RBC-Ukraine.