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Estonia proposes Western states unified aid size for Ukraine

Estonia proposes Western states unified aid size for Ukraine  Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Getty Images)

European nations must not repeat Estonia's mistake before the Second World War, that's why it is necessary to invest significant funds in defense to avoid "being caught off guard," says Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

Speaking on the eve of a two-day summit in Brussels, where support for Ukraine and European defense will be the main agenda, Kallas said that some European countries could become targets for Russia if Ukraine loses the war.

"If we really help Ukraine, we don't have to worry about who's next. But, if Ukraine falls, then, there is going to be a pause of some years and we're going to see this in a broader scale, especially when we don't invest in defense," she said.

She called on countries belonging to the Ramstein coalition, including NATO members, the EU, and 15 other states, to allocate 0.25% of their gross domestic product to military aid for Ukraine.

According to the prime minister, this "would greatly contribute to Ukraine's victory over Russia".

Estonia has already voiced the idea of a unified contribution from partner countries back in January of this year.

She also refused to guarantee that the country's army would not be directed to Ukraine, as circumstances may change.