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End of era: Royal couple announced their divorce

End of era: Royal couple announced their divorce RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

One of the world's royal couples has announced that their marriage has come to an end, and they have initiated all necessary legal procedures for a mutual divorce. The couple in question is the heir to the throne of Albania, Leka II, and Princess Elia, who were married for 8 years.

Sources used for this article: Prince Leka II's Instagram and Wikipedia.

Details of the divorce

Heir to the throne, Leka II, and Princess Elia Zaharia got engaged in 2010 and celebrated a lavish royal wedding in 2016. The 43-year-old prince and his 40-year-old wife had aspirations for a throne that no longer exists since the dissolution of the Albanian monarchy in 1943.

Nevertheless, the couple was revered by the people of Albania and captured the hearts of the public since their marriage. A daughter was born into their union, who was bestowed with the title of princess and named Geraldine in honor of her great-grandmother, Queen Geraldine.

"Hello, friends and well-wishers, with this message, I officially inform you that Prince Leka and Elia Zaharia have agreed to dissolve their marriage. As the marriage has lost its function, they have seen a way to resolve it amicably by initiating necessary legal procedures," the statement on the prince's page reads.

"Despite the trust in the institution of family, Prince Leka believes that the values of mutual respect and understanding will form the basis of their ongoing relationship, motivated by the growth and education of Princess Geraldine. The spiritual and physical well-being of the girl will remain at the center of their attention, dedicated to ensuring Geraldine's happy and secure life," the post reads.

The prince will not provide any further comments and requests respect for his right to privacy in this matter.

Кінець епохи. Королівська пара заявила про розлучення

Prince Leka and Elia's wedding (photo: Getty Images)

Zog family history

Queen Geraldine was married to King Zog I, the first monarch of Albania after it gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, but he left the country in 1939 when Italy occupied the Balkan state.

Despite the monarchy's dissolution, Zog's son, King Leka I, remained the head of the House of Zog and a claimant to the throne until his death in 2011. His successor was the only son, Leka II.

The heir to the throne studied at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and worked as an advisor to the President of Albania. He succeeded his father as the head of the House of Zog and the titular king of the Albanians.

As Leka II currently has no sons, his current heir is Skender Zogu, a cousin who was once expelled.

Кінець епохи. Королівська пара заявила про розлучення

Prince Leka with his daughter Geraldine (photo:

Details about Princess Elia

Elia Zaharia is an Albanian actress, singer, and hereditary princess of the Albanians. She was born in 1983 into a family of actors. Her younger brother is an actor and film director.

In 2002, Elia graduated from the National Art School "Jordan Misja" in Tirana with a specialization in Art and Scenography. She then moved to Paris, where she met Prince Leka.

In 2005, she graduated from the National Conservatory of Bordeaux with a specialization in Artistic drama and began studying at the private French drama school "Cours Florent." In 2010, she completed her studies at the University of Paris VIII with a focus on stagecraft.

After marriage, she took charge of the Queen Geraldine Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the royal house that assists needy Albanian families and children.

The princess currently works at the Albanian National Theater.