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Emotional storm to sweep you off your feet: Zodiac signs to get luck in love

Emotional storm to sweep you off your feet: Zodiac signs to get luck in love Who among the Zodiac signs will be lucky in love from April 12 to 15 (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

The horoscope for the upcoming weekend will tell you who among the representatives of the zodiac has every chance of experiencing an incredible romantic adventure. They will be engulfed in a real love storm, and there is a possibility that flirting and passion will quickly grow into something serious.

Who among the zodiac signs will be lucky in love from April 12 to 15, according to Spiritualify.


You are destined to have a weekend where romance and practicality blend beautifully. Your partner, understanding and sensitive, is ready to dispel any uncertainty. Open and sincere communication is the golden key to deeper connection and mutual success. You will experience a surge of self-confidence and vitality, positively influencing all areas of your life.

For single Leos, the weekend will also be exciting - your natural charm and sensuality will attract admirers like moths to a flame. This period will force you to let go of control, making room for important changes that will enter your life.


The upcoming weekend promises to be a real wonder for you. Deep feelings of love and gratitude towards your partner will engulf you, reminding you of their irreplaceable presence in your life. Disagreements may arise, but it's worth expressing to your partner how much they mean to you. Dedicate the weekend to strengthening your bond, and the air will be filled with love and passion.

Single Sagittarians will be open to new acquaintances. You may meet someone who doesn't fit your usual type, but that won't be a hindrance. Use this opportunity, embrace unexpected chances, and enjoy a wonderful weekend.


In the coming days, you will experience a moving evolution in your romantic journey. You will feel a pull towards a deeper connection, and the air will be filled with love. It will compel you to surrender to these growing feelings, urging you to be filled with important energy and sensuality. The weekend will bring out your intuitive and spiritual aspects, offering a fresh source of inspiration.

And for single Capricorns, you will realize that the path of love is abundant with highs and lows, but you must stand firm, facing any trials. The love you want to share, based on sincerity, should withstand any storm. The stars will give you a meeting with someone who dreams of the same.

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