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Eliminate these daily negative habits to transform your life

Eliminate these daily negative habits to transform your life Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Every day we say or do things that don't truly reflect what we think. We're not heading in the direction we actually want. And it's not just because of obligations or needs. Every day, we make the wrong choice and thus ruin ourselves, explains psychologist Daryna Stepanchuk's post on Instagram.

We ruin ourselves when

  • We say "yes" when we want to say "no"
  • Smile instead of crying
  • Don't take breaks
  • Convince ourselves to endure a little more instead of understanding, "For what noble purpose am I enduring this?"
  • Get offended instead of asking for what we need
  • Engage in something that isn't our business
  • Continue communicating with uninteresting people for some made-up reasons
  • Surround ourselves with people who mostly talk negatively
  • Gossip a lot about how others live
  • Work in an uninteresting job
  • Fear and wait for someone (a magician) to come into our lives and change things
  • Criticize ourselves, considering ourselves unworthy, unskilled, or failed.

"The list could go on, but I think you already understand if you're living your life or not," emphasizes the psychologist.

So, what to do?

Many of us don't live our lives; we serve other people's expectations. People try to fit into all accepted stereotypes and rules. But then, looking back, you realize that you're forced to endure more than live.

"The bad news is nothing will change; it might even get worse. That's why some people's lives remain unchanged for years. The good news is it can stop. You can stop serving other people's expectations right now. Start living for yourself, in a way that truly pleases you," explains Daryna Stepanchuk.

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