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Performing this ritual once a year will completely change your life

Performing this ritual once a year will completely change your life Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Most people are consumed by various electronic devices. Gadgets capture our attention and detach us from the real world. However, there's one action that needs to be done at least once a year, according to the Your Tango website.

Social media is a vacuum that engulfs you and can consume your consciousness, so it's worth detoxing from time to time.

In particular, an annual break from social media can help your body relax and even improve your health.

Experts have named four simple reasons why regularly taking a break from social media is necessary.

It's beneficial for health

You can engage in sports, regularly walk in the fresh air, and head to the mountains. Stepping away from routine, completely changing the environment, and simply enjoying life is worthwhile.

This period will be maximally beneficial, so your health will surely improve.

Sensory pleasure

Unlike everyday social media, being in nature attracts all our senses...

Beautiful landscapes appeal to our sight and the scent of the forest and field flowers to our sense of smell. The sounds of birds singing, the wind among the trees, and the sound of flowing water enchant our hearing.

Quality time alone

Make sure to enjoy carefree living, calming your mind. Being in nature allows you to focus on simplicity and avoid stress.

Improvement in relationships

If you're in a relationship, stepping away from social media gives you the opportunity to spend quality time together. You can spend time with your partner and learn something new about each other.

Being together far from technology allows you to communicate without distractions.