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Early elections started in France, with potential far-right victory

Early elections started in France, with potential far-right victory Photo: early elections started in France (Getty Images)

In France, on Sunday, June 30, early parliamentary elections have begun. According to recent polls, the far-right could clinch victory, informs RFI.

In France, polling stations opened at 8:00 local time, with the exception of the overseas territories where the first round of elections began yesterday. The second round will take place on July 7.

Initial exit polls are expected to be released after 20:00. A high voter turnout is anticipated.

French voters are electing 577 members of the National Assembly (the lower house of parliament). The country operates under a majority voting system, where a candidate wins only with an absolute majority of votes.

If this does not occur, a second round is held. It includes all candidates who received at least 12.5% of the votes in the first round.

According to opinion polls, the far-right party "National Rally," led by Marine Le Pen, could emerge victorious. Jordan Bardella heads the party list and is a likely contender for France's new prime minister.

President Emmanuel Macron's party is forecasted to take third place. Media reports suggest that if Le Pen wins, France could form its first far-right government since World War II.

Earlier in June, President Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly following his party's defeat in the European Parliament elections.

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