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Dutch PM urges EU to avoid 'double block' of aid to Ukraine

Dutch PM urges EU to avoid 'double block' of aid to Ukraine Photo: Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (Getty Images)

The European Union must avoid a "double block" of assistance to Ukraine amid the situation unfolding in the United States Congress. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, reports Politico.

"With the problems in the United States, where the fresh money is blocked, it’s quite crucial that we don’t have a double block against Ukraine," emphasized Rutte the Hertie School in Berlin.

According to him, the European Union needs to agree on financial assistance to Ukraine for its development as a state and in connection with the ongoing war.

Journalists remind that European Union leaders will meet on Thursday and Friday, December 14-15, to develop a proposal for replenishing the European Peace Facility, which is used to partially reimburse states for expenses related to supplying weapons to Ukraine, for 5 billion euros.

However, as Germany is experiencing a budget crisis and Hungary threatens to veto, the outcome of this week's negotiations is currently unclear, according to Politico.

Assistance to Ukraine from the EU

It is worth noting that Ukraine is a key issue at the upcoming EU leaders' summit on December 14-15. In particular, it is planned that the heads of states will discuss new financing for our country and the start of accession negotiations.

The Hungarian government has repeatedly stated openly that it will veto the above-mentioned proposals.

At the same time, an unnamed official, commenting to Reuters, stated that the EU would continue to assist Ukraine despite Hungary's veto. Several contingency plans are in place for this purpose.