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Drones hit grain in Reni: crucial about attack on Romania border port

Drones hit grain in Reni: crucial about  attack on Romania border port Russians attacked the port of Reni with drones (Photo:

During a night attack by "Shahed" kamikaze drones in the Odesa region, Russian forces struck the port of Reni, located near Romania's border. Most of the drones were successfully intercepted, but some reached their targets.

According to the head of the Reni community, Igor Plekhov, about 15 "Shahed" drones were recorded during the attack. Residents of Reni and nearby villages heard a series of explosions.

The explosive wave also damaged windows of buildings and structures at the port of Reni. There were local fires that rescuers promptly extinguished.

According to the Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalia Humeniuk, three enemy "Shahed" drones were shot down by air defense forces, but there were also hits.

"Unfortunately, there were hits in one of the ports. An agricultural hangar, where grain was stored, was destroyed. Several reservoirs for other types of cargo were damaged, as well as port facilities, including cranes, etc.," she said.

Consequences and victims

As a result of the attack, three-grain warehouses were destroyed, and six people were injured. According to the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Oleh Kipper, all injured are port workers.

"As a result of the night attack, six people were injured. Four with gunshot wounds were hospitalized at the regional hospital, one in moderate to severe condition, closer to severe. Doctors managed to stabilize the patient," he said.

Kiper mentioned that the other three have minor shrapnel injuries and bruises.

The port of Reni is located 300 meters from NATO member Romania's border

The port of Reni is located 300 meters from the border with NATO member Romania, with the border running along the Danube waterway.

The President of the country, Klaus Iohannis, has already responded to the attack.

"I strongly condemn Russia's recent attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure on the Danube, very close to Romania. This recent escalation poses serious risks to security in the Black Sea. It also affects the further transit of grain through Ukraine, and thus, global food security," he wrote on Twitter.

International reaction

Moldova has condemned the recent Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure along the Danube, located near the border with Romania.

"This cruel attack poses significant risks to Ukrainian grain exports and regional and global food security," the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement reads.

Military analyst Julian Repke from BILD also commented on the strike on the port of Reni.

"Russia continues to attack Ukraine's food infrastructure systematically. Last night, it attacked the port in the far southwest of the country, once again destroying grain. Putin is following in Stalin's footsteps with his infamous Red Terror," he wrote.

Attacks on ports in Odesa region

After exiting the "grain deal," Russia has launched missile strikes on Odessa and the surrounding areas almost nightly. The enemy is also using kamikaze drones and various types of rockets to target the Kherson and the Mykolaiv region, resulting in the deaths and injuries of civilians.

Throughout the past week, Russian forces have been attacking the port infrastructure of Odesa and its region. Not only ports but also residential buildings have been affected.

For instance, on the night of July 23rd, Russian forces fired 19 rockets of different types at the center of Odesa. Ukrainian Air Defense Forces managed to shoot down 9 of them. This attack became the most massive since the full-scale war began. Twenty-two people were injured, and one person was killed due to the attack. Additionally, the Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral was partially destroyed.

On July 21st, Russia targeted grain terminals with "Kalibr" missiles. One hundred tons of peas and twenty tons of barley were destroyed, and two people and the Emergency Service vehicles were affected.