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Drone attacked Volgograd oil refinery in Russia

Drone attacked Volgograd oil refinery in Russia Illustrative photo (getty images)

A drone attacked the Volgograd oil refinery, Russia, resulting in a fire at the facility, according to the Russian telegram channels RIA Novosti, Mash, and Shot.

According to Shot, several loud explosions occurred in the vicinity of the enterprise in the Chervonoarmiysky district of the Volgograd region at around 2:30 in the morning, preceded by the distinct sound of a UAV.

The channel suggests that Ukrainian drones were allegedly jammed by electronic warfare means, resulting in their crash onto the refinery's premises and causing a fire, which was promptly extinguished. There have been no casualties or injuries reported.

The attack and fire at the plant were confirmed by the governor of the region, Andrey Bocharov.

On Saturday night, May 11th, the Main Intelligence Directorate drones attacked the Volgograd Oil Refinery in Russia, which is part of the Lukoil corporation. The primary oil processing units AVT-1 and AVT-6, as well as the cable controlling the air coolers, were damaged, resulting in the disconnection of 7 of them.

Currently, it is unknown whether the videos published by the Russians today relate to this incident or represent a new attack.