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Don't push yourself to limit: These methods of calming down don't work and intensify stress

Don't push yourself to limit: These methods of calming down don't work and intensify stress What anti-stress methods only make things worse (photo:

Every person reacts differently to negative events in life and negative emotions. However, not all reactions truly have a positive impact on your body. In the modern world, the level of stress has reached such extremes that many people stop fighting it, thereby worsening their health. Moreover, not all relaxation methods actually work.

Huffpost reports on which methods of calming oneself actually only intensify stress.

Not all methods of dealing with negative emotions are as wonderful as they are commonly believed to be. Moreover, some traditional relaxation methods can actually throw us off balance even more.

As a result, a person ends up in a vicious cycle: they may have intended to gather strength and cope with their emotions, but instead, they become even more agitated.

Tasty food

For many people, the initial reaction to adversity is the urge to go buy themselves chocolate, order pizza, fries, and burgers.

As psychotherapist Sadaf Siddiqi notes, such behavior indicates an attempt to escape from one's own feelings and emotions. Constantly suppressing stress is very harmful to both physical and mental health.

"Strong emotions need to be felt, processed and managed," emphasizes the expert.

Overeating is better replaced by activities that help release tension rather than ignoring one's feelings. For example: taking a walk, dancing, or having a conversation with a friend.

Rejecting negative thoughts

Trying to forbid ourselves from negative thoughts will actually lead to the opposite effect. They will occupy all your attention.

According to psychologist Calvin Fitch, it's better not to avoid thoughts about bad things but to allow yourself to reflect on what is bothering you. Even if the anxiety seems unfounded, give yourself the opportunity to experience it.

Friendly advice

Sometimes problems seem so complex and tangled that we can't do without advice from close friends. However, in some cases, even the most well-meaning recommendations can only complicate the situation.

The thing is, a large number of different pieces of advice can distract you from what you're really feeling. Psychologist Tamika Lewis advises focusing on your own feelings. Therefore, it's helpful to get your body moving. A walk, breathing exercises, and movement can help clarify your thoughts.

White noise

Many people claim that white noise is great for relaxation. Some even use it for meditation. However, for some, high frequencies can be stimulating, and such white noise can actually increase anxiety.

If you feel that this sound is not calming you down, it's better to switch to your own relaxing playlist.

Extra work

For workaholics, the first reaction to stress is to bury themselves in work to avoid having time for anxious thoughts. However, when you agree to do things for which you don't have resources, you only increase the level of stress, anxiety, panic, and depression.

It's not worth exhausting yourself in those moments when you are already vulnerable. It's better to take some time for yourself to rest. Be gentle with your body.

Complete ignoring

The most dangerous way to deal with stress is to try to completely ignore its existence. Denying the problem, unfortunately, won't make it disappear. Thoughts like "I just need to toughen up and not let it get to me" can actually be very destructive and dangerous for the mind and body.

Be honest with yourself and understand: there are no bad or good emotions. There are those that you need to experience and preferably - consciously.

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