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Don't give up these 10 foods if you want to lose weight

Don't give up these 10 foods if you want to lose weight Don't give up these 10 foods if you want to lose weight (photo: Freepik)

When dieting, people often make "black lists" that include many foods. But not all prohibitions are correct, and there are foods that you shouldn't give up, according to Eat this, not that website.

What foods can you eat on a diet

When losing weight, many people try to limit themselves in everything. But this leads to breakdowns and problems with eating behavior. That's why you shouldn't forbid yourself these 10 foods:

  • creamy pastes, mashed potatoes, and sour cream sauces - these foods are indeed considered "calorie bombs," but a complete rejection of everything delicious is much more dangerous than the fact that you will sometimes enjoy something creamy
  • sweet desserts - replace the excess of creams and sugar with something healthier and make the dessert more dietary, but do not completely deny yourself sweets
  • peanut butter - it is considered high in calories, but a lightly salted version of this product can really help you lose weight
  • potatoes - of course, we are not talking about fries and fatty dishes, but other cooking options are quite suitable, because this product contains protein and can suppress appetite
  • bitter leafy greens, such as arugula, watercress or dandelions - they will saturate you with fiber and will not hit your diet with an excess of calories
  • green tea - this drink will help to calm down, and it will be easier for your body to burn calories, besides, tea is very useful
  • fatty fish - salmon and sardines are called the best source of protein, they are very useful and will help in losing weight
  • hot pepper - it contains the substance capsaicin, which helps to burn fat and improve metabolism
  • pea protein - it will give you extra energy, improve and normalize blood sugar levels, and is also a great alternative to other types of protein
  • purple cabbage - a crispy salad with it will not only make you feel full, but also contain a lot of fiber and reduce inflammation.

However, do not forget to take into account individual characteristics and possible allergic reactions to certain foods. Any diets and dietary changes should be discussed with your doctor.

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