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Do not touch this: Named dirtiest places in airport

Do not touch this: Named dirtiest places in airport Which places in the airport are the dirtiest (photo: Freepik)

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are especially important during the coronavirus pandemic. The airport has the dirtiest places because thousands of people pass there every day, reports Huffpost.

Armrests on chairs

Usually, before the flight, passengers sit on the seats in the waiting area, unaware of the danger they hide.

Armrests of seats near the boarding gate are among the dirtiest places in airports.

These are places in airports that people touch a lot but don't clean regularly.

So consider wiping down the chair and armrest if you want to sit down.


Handrails near steps and along escalators, as well as various fences near reception desks and other areas are considered dirty.

They are touched by thousands of people a day, so they cannot claim to be perfectly clean.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't touch the handrail, as falling down the stairs isn't a good alternative.

Carry hand sanitizer in an easily accessible place in your bag.

Touch screens

Another of the dirtiest places is self-registration monitors. It is not known how often they are wiped, so hand sanitizer should be used after touching these screens.

Obviously, the numbers can vary depending on the airport and the screen in question, and the response to the pandemic in many places has included more frequent cleanings. But it still doesn't hurt to wash your hands.

Containers for things

After registration, passengers go for an inspection. To pass it, you need to leave your belongings (hand luggage, outerwear, metal elements, sometimes shoes) in special containers.

It is impossible to do without it. However, you should be more careful when inspecting, because these boxes are also considered to be among the dirtiest.

Surfaces in bathroom

Airport bathrooms are cleaned regularly, but there are a huge number of travelers every day.

Countertops, sinks, faucets, and doorknobs are not cleaned as thoroughly as toilets.

Do not skip the step of washing your hands, especially if you plan to eat after using the toilet, and refrain from touching your face.