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Division of Ukraine made it into list of top 10 global risks for 2024 - The Time magazine

Division of Ukraine made it into list of top 10 global risks for 2024 - The Time magazine Photo: Ukraine may lose another piece of territory in 2024 (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The Time magazine has published the Top 10 Global Risks for 2024, with the third position on the list occupied by the forecast of a potential division of Ukraine.

In paragraph 3, titled Divided Ukraine, it is stated that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remains a historic failure and noted the strengthening of NATO with the inclusion of new members Finland and Sweden.

Additionally, it highlighted the initiation of Ukraine's EU accession process, the implementation of 11 rounds of sanctions against Russia, the imposition of new restrictions, the freezing of half of Russia's sovereign assets, and plans to redirect these funds towards the reconstruction of Ukraine. The report also mentions that Europe no longer purchases Russian energy resources.

"But Ukraine will be de facto partitioned this year, and Russia now has the battlefield initiative and a material advantage. 2024 is an inflection point in the war: and if Ukraine doesn't solve its manpower problems, increase weapons production, and set a realistic military strategy soon, its territorial losses could prove permanent and may well expand," states the publication.

It is noted that Kyiv has suffered significantly from the reduction in political and material support from the United States, and the prospects for European assistance are only slightly better. The report highlights that Ukraine desperately needs additional troops.

For all these reasons, according to The Time, this year, Kyiv will take on greater military risks, including strikes on more targets in Russia, provoking an unprecedented response from the aggressor and potentially drawing NATO countries into the conflict.

Other global risks

Among other global risks identified by The Time for the year 2024 are:

  1. Crisis and division in the United States due to presidential elections and the possibility of Trump's victory
  2. Escalation of hostilities in the Middle East
  3. Uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence
  4. Rogue states: Russia, North Korea, and Iran increasing their capabilities, acting in more coordinated and destructive ways on the global stage
  5. China's economy not recovering
  6. Competition for valuable resources
  7. Global inflation that began in 2021
  8. Extreme weather events causing food insecurity, exacerbating water shortages, disrupting logistics, spreading diseases, and contributing to migration and political instability
  9. Uncertainty and losses for companies and corporations.

Peace negotiation initiatives for ending the war between Ukraine and Russia

Bloomberg reported that on December 16, a secret meeting took place in Saudi Arabia involving Ukraine, G7 countries, and a small group of nations from the global South. During the discussions, a plan for peace negotiations to end the war on terms favorable to Kyiv was deliberated.

Simultaneously, Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that Western allies are not demanding that Ukraine engage in negotiations with Russia to freeze hostilities.

In the Office of the President of Ukraine, a call was made for the world to stop living in illusions, as Putin will continue to wage war and cause harm.