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Dietologist tells why you should not throw away tangerine peel

Dietologist tells why you should not throw away tangerine peel The peel from tangerines is also healthy (Photo:

Not everyone knows that the peels of tangerines are even more useful than the pulp - as a result, the valuable part of the product ends up in the trash, said nutritionist Anastasiia Lishchuk.

Why tangerine peels are useful

The citrus peel contains higher levels of vitamins C, A, and E as compared to the flesh.

Tangerine peel, abundant in essential oils, pectin, potassium, and phosphorus, offers several health benefits for the heart, gastrointestinal tract, and immune system.

The dried peel can be used as a seasoning or flavoring, or added to beverages.

One simple way to incorporate it into your diet is by preparing a decoction of tangerine and chamomile peels, which can improve the functioning of the intestines and pancreas. Tangerine peels should be dried before preparing a decoction from them.

Why tangerines are good for you

The product has a positive impact on the circulatory system, strengthening the heart and blood vessels, relieving puffiness, normalizing blood pressure, preventing anemia, and reducing the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemia, heart attack, and stroke. Tangerines also provide valuable benefits for children's health.

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