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Dietitian's advice on marinating meat

Dietitian's advice on marinating meat Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Meat is a very nutritious product, rich in protein. It can provide maximum benefits if prepared in a specific way, specifically talking about marinades, which are very popular in the summer, according to dietitian Oksana Skytalinska.

Which marinade to choose

The expert emphasized that unprocessed meat will bring maximum benefits. That is, if you bake it or make a kebab, it will not be harmful to you.

Skytalinska suggests marinating meat with acidic products, such as lemon juice, apple, and orange juice.

"It can also be white or red wine. Also, try balsamic vinegar; if you add herbs, there will be even more biological substances," the dietitian explained.

Sparkling mineral water also works great for marinating.

"Let the meat sit covered in sparkling overnight, and you will get a very healthy product," the expert said.