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Developing reading habit: Helpful tips to get started

Developing reading habit: Helpful tips to get started Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Sometimes, forcing yourself to read can be very difficult, and there can be various reasons for this, but there are ways to develop this habit, according to the psychological portal Purport on Instagram.

Understand your true purpose

In the beginning, it's important to understand why reading is important to you: for education, personal development, or simply for pleasure. If you clearly define your purpose, it can be a great motivator.

Identify obstacles

Work overload and other responsibilities, distractions on social media, or other reasons can get in the way. Identify these obstacles and think about how to overcome them.

Consider what genuinely interests you

Don't succumb to the pressure to read only what is considered mandatory and is in the top picks that everyone should read.

Choose books that truly interest you

Or find professional literature that will expand your knowledge.

Developing reading habit: Helpful tips to get startedHow to make reading books a habit (photo: Freepik)

Prepare for reading

Take James Clear's advice: put the book on your pillow as soon as you make the bed in the morning - it's a simple way to prepare the environment for future reading. Or install reading apps and move them to the main screen of your phone.

Incorporate the habit of reading a book into your routine

Create a recurring task read a book in the app and allocate a comfortable amount of time for it, for example, start with 15 minutes.

Set a low bar

Start with a simple goal - to read just 1 page a day. Big goals, like reading 20 books a year, are good, but for a start, it's more effective to focus on a simple habit rather than the end result.

Use waiting time

Take advantage of the time you spend commuting to and from work. Take a book with you if you expect a long wait in line.

Track your progress and even if it's not perfect, keep going

Worry not only about the result but also about the reading process itself, which should bring enjoyment and benefit.

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