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Dermatologist shares right way to apply moisturizer: Chaces are you doing it wrong

Dermatologist shares right way to apply moisturizer: Chaces are you doing it wrong How to apply moisturizer correctly (photo: Freepik)

Using the cream is considered one of the most important stages of daily skin care. Avoiding use can cause dryness and even rashes, reports Express Health.

How to apply the cream correctly

American dermatologist Dr Adele said that the skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Using a moisturizer is the best way to protect your skin from dryness and damage. In particular, how you apply the cream can affect its effectiveness.

It is necessary to determine not only the best time when you should apply the cream on your face but also how you will do it.

The expert advises to follow the following methods:

  • apply the cream on wet skin

  • apply it in the direction of hair growth

  • it should be done with a spoon or a special spatula

Damp skin

Everyone usually applies cream on their skin whenever it seems that it is too dry. However, this is not the best strategy.

You should wait until you get out of the shower or bath before doing this.

So your skin will absorb the cream much better.

A dermatologist says to apply moisturizer within five minutes of getting out of the shower on damp skin, not dry skin.

This is a very important tip when it comes to using virtually any skin care product.

Application technique

If you apply the cream incorrectly, it can even lead to the appearance of unpleasant bumpy rashes. The cream should be applied along the direction of hair growth.

"if you apply in the opposite direction you end up plugging your hair follicle, which can lead to a bumpy rash like this, which is called folliculitis which essentially is an infection of the hair follicle," the doctor said.

Also, many people are used to taking the cream out of the jar directly with their fingers. However, this should not be done in any case. Harmful bacteria from your skin can go right into the jar and then spread all over your face.

Try to use a clean spoon to scoop up some of the cream before applying it to your skin.

In no case should you rub the face cream into the skin with effort - this will not help to increase its effectiveness or speed up the application procedure. By the way, you can't hurry when applying the cream either, and this should definitely be taken into account when calculating when to use the cream before leaving the house, for example.