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Dermatologist explains whether warts really appear from contact with frogs

Dermatologist explains whether warts really appear from contact with frogs Can frogs affect the formation of warts (Collage RBC-Ukraine)

We've all heard in childhood that touching frogs can lead to the formation of warts. Whether this is true or just a myth is a question that many people still ponder, says dermatologist Natalia Ilchuk.

Does contact with frogs really cause warts?

Every child learns from their parents that frogs are dangerous creatures because touching them can result in warts. However, adults themselves often remain uncertain about whether this is a fact or a myth, given that frogs inhabit lakes, which are not the cleanest environments.

Dermatologists, however, have long known the answer to this question and aim to dispel long-standing myths that some people still believe.

"I am now going to be an advocate for frogs. Frogs are innocent; the culprit is the human papillomavirus," notes the expert.

The dermatologist also explains the origin of warts and the correct way to deal with them.

The truth about warts and frog contact

"Borodavki (warts) are caused by the human papillomavirus, and avoiding it is quite challenging. These warts appear in areas of constant trauma, where gateways for viral warts are formed, such as hands and feet, which experience continuous strain and microtrauma," explains the dermatologist.

Dermatologist explains whether warts really appear from contact with frogsWhether warts can be caused by frog contact (photo: freepik)

According to Natalia, while vaccines are valuable, they do not save from warts themselves. Vaccines primarily target the human papillomavirus and oncogenic types, while there are approximately two hundred varieties of warts.

How to remove warts

"Warts respond well to local treatments such as nitrogen, and laser treatment is also an effective option tailored individually. The crucial point is not to burn them off with castor oil independently, as I often see all these scars after self-treatment. Surgically, it is better not to intervene, as this treatment leaves scars that hinder the proper functioning of hands and feet," shares the dermatologist based on her experience.

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