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Denmark allocates nearly €6M for restoring Ukraine's energy grid

Denmark allocates nearly €6M for restoring Ukraine's energy grid Denmark allocates nearly €6M for restoring Ukraine's energy grid (Getty Images)

The Danish government has allocated 40 million Danish kroner (approximately 5.8 million euros) to the Ukrainian energy system. This decision comes in response to recent severe Russian attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure, according to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The last few weeks, Russia has increased its targeted attacks and we’ve seen extensive destruction against Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Denmark provides 40 million DKK as a contribution to the necessary rebuilding in order for Ukraine to maintain its energy supply," said Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy Dan Jørgensen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that by allocating 40 million Danish kroner, Denmark is helping ensure a reliable electricity supply and therefore access to water and heat for the population during the upcoming winter. The money comes from the civil fund in the Danish government’s Ukraine Fund.

Previously, Denmark also provided an urgent package to help Ukraine prepare for energy supply in future winters.

"The catalogue is made by the Danish Energy Agency in close cooperation with the Ukrainian partners and will contribute to the selection of energy technologies, attraction of investments, anda foundation for donor assistance," the statement says.

Denmark's assistance

In February of this year, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that Copenhagen had decided to provide all of its artillery to Ukraine.

She also called on Western countries to transfer weapons, ammunition, and air defense systems, which they have not used so far, to Ukrainian defenders.

In March, Denmark announced another military aid package to Ukraine worth $330 million, which included self-propelled artillery Caesar.