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Death toll rises to 20 in Odesa following today's Russian shelling

Death toll rises to 20 in Odesa following today's Russian shelling The consequences of missile strikes by Russian forces on Odesa on March 15 (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

In Odesa, as a result of a Russian missile strike carried out today during the day, the number of casualties has increased to twenty people, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. (SESU).

"The number of casualties as a result of enemy missile strikes on Odesa has risen to 20 people," emergency services reported.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office had informed about 19 fatalities and 73 injuries.

Search and rescue operations are ongoing at the sites of the enemy strikes, with efforts to clear rubble and mitigate the consequences of the attack.

Odesa strike on March 15

Earlier today, on March 15, Russian forces shelled Odesa using ballistic missiles, including the Iskander-M. The target of the Russian terrorists was civilian infrastructure.

Subsequently, the invaders struck the city again when medics and rescuers arrived at the scene. There were reports of a large number of casualties, including fatalities.

A three-story recreational building was destroyed, and at least 10 private houses were damaged, along with a car service station, a low-pressure gas pipeline, ambulance vehicles, and firefighting vehicles. Rubble clearance is underway.

For more details on the Russian strike on Odesa on March 15, read the material by RBC-Ukraine.