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Days when everything falls apart: Tips for mental health

Days when everything falls apart: Tips for mental health What to do when everything is falling apart (photo: Freepik)

Sometimes each of us experiences days when everything you undertake doesn't work out, and everything you touch falls apart. This can negatively affect the mood, and a person's state becomes even worse.

What such days mean and what influences them is discussed by RBC-Ukraine with reference to an online portal that embodies the initiative of the Ukraine's First Lady on mental health, How are you? on Instagram.

What does it mean when everything is falling apart, and you're stressing out

Everything can fall apart because a person simply gets tired, not physically, but morally. For example, there may be problems in relationships or at work, and everything just gets on your nerves. You may crave certain changes, but there's a lack of understanding of how to move forward. When a person lacks motivation to achieve something, they don't engage in anything significant.

However, when everything is slipping through your fingers, it can be even more annoying, leading to anger and frustration. This anger may not necessarily be directed at oneself, the universe, or a specific person. You simply experience these feelings.

Що означають дні, коли все валиться з рук та що з цим робити: ви будете здивовані відповіддю

What to do when everything is falling apart (photo: Freepik)

"Anger is a natural reaction, and this energy can be transformed into strength to overcome difficulties. When something doesn't work out, when you feel that you're boiling inside, don't ignore your feelings. Identify what specifically annoys you, take a breath, give yourself time to calm down, and find motivation in the situation," - say experts on the portal.

What to do if anger flares up instantly and you feel like smashing everything around you? Here's a life hack that may seem funny but is sure to work: go wash your face, and brush your teeth - in this time, anger will subside, and you can switch to action.

You can also engage in sports, yoga, meditate, and try to suppress this anger that disrupts everything around you. The main thing is to understand that it's just one of those days, and everything is okay with you.

But the most important thing to do is to change the mindset:

"Terrible day" - "Such days happen, but they pass."

"How much can one take?" - "Okay, I can handle this."

"Nothing is working for me" - "It will work out for me if I try again."

"Everything is falling apart" - "I can make mistakes, but that's how I learn."

"I can never do it like they can" - "What can I learn from them?"

"It's all because of him/her" - "Maybe he/she is having a bad day."

Changing mindset and perception of failures helps to approach setbacks and bad days more positively and calmly.

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