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Czechia envisages 'significant shifts' in Russia-Ukraine war in 2024

Czechia envisages 'significant shifts' in Russia-Ukraine war in 2024 Photo: The President of Czechia, Petr Pavel (Getty Images)

The President of Czechia, Petr Pavel, believes that significant shifts will occur in Russia's war against Ukraine in 2024. This is linked to the elections in Russia and the United States, writes Seznam Zpravy.

"We have a lot to do because the development of the conflict in Ukraine shows that next year we will likely see significant shifts. And so far, everything indicates that it will not be in the best sense of the word, as we would like. A new situation will arise, which we will have to deal with," emphasized Pavel.

He reminded that in 2024, presidential elections will take place in the United States and Russia. And if in Russia, without any surprises, dictator Vladimir Putin wins, the result in the United States is not so clear-cut.

"And it can be expected that the expectations of the elections will also lead to certain changes on the battlefield. Because President Putin has made it absolutely clear that there can be no talk of any peace negotiations until the outcome of the elections in the United States becomes clear," added the President of Czechia.

In his opinion, Putin is currently hoping for the victory of former US President Donald Trump in the elections because "with him, an agreement can be reached regardless of what Ukraine or the rest of Europe thinks." Putin wants a compromise that will restore Russia's status as a key player, and the rest will have to come to terms with it.

"Of course, such a situation is not advantageous for us, and we will see to what extent the scenario, as Vladimir Putin hopes, can be implemented," Pavel noted.

United States presidential election

Reminding that the presidential election is scheduled for the fall of 2024 in the United States. The main Democratic candidate is likely to be Joe Biden, while the Republicans are expected to nominate Donald Trump.

Republicans are set to announce their candidate on July 15, and Democrats on August 19. Afterward, debates and campaigning will commence.

Votes are expected to be counted by January 6, 2025, with the inauguration scheduled for January 20.

Earlier, Biden stated that he would run for election in response to Trump.