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Czechia claims full independence from Russian gas

Czechia claims full independence from Russian gas Photo: Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (Getty Images)

Czechia has completely ended its dependence on gas imports from Russia, thanks to a series of steps taken by the country, according to Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

He reminded that in the spring of 2022, Czechia faced a potential gas deficit, and the energy security of the country was under threat due to its dependence on Russia.

However, the Czech government took several important steps, including leasing part of the LNG terminal in the Netherlands.

"And we managed to completely get rid of dependence on Russian gas," emphasized the head of the Czech government.

Dependency of EU countries on Russian gas

It's worth noting that some European Union countries continue to import Russian gas despite the war in Ukraine.

Hungary, in particular, is engaged in such imports, with officials promising to block any sanctions aimed at gas imports.

Nevertheless, the supply is still decreasing. According to Reuters, Gazprom's gas deliveries to Europe in 2023 have decreased by more than half.